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Irregular lines appear on the peripheral display

Source:Shandong Ye Lin Release time:2020/12/24 13:52:10

When the external pressure increases, the internal motivation should be enhanced. If irregular lines or symbols appear on the peripheral display, the staff can find out the reasons from two aspects. The display control board of a computer. Replace the new control board to see if it returns to normal. Secondly, check the main board of the encircling machine and check the alarm indicator to eliminate the fault.

It is very difficult for the staff to deal with the destructive failure of NC machine. Because this kind of fault in the maintenance and troubleshooting, there is no way to repeat the fault to find and analyze the cause of the fault. For example, the short-circuit fault of the control system of the NC machine is a destructive fault. This kind of fault is not allowed to recur.
What kind of influence does strong electric interference have on the numerical control encircle word opportunity? First of all, to understand the essence of strong electrical interference. Inductive loads such as relays, contactors and electromagnets in the circuit of numerical control encircling machine will produce reverse voltage or impulse current when waiting for power failure, which will form interference signals. These interference signals will affect the drive circuit itself, but also cause interference to the external interface, which will disturb the execution of the NC encircling machine program.
Because the mechanical detection technology of NC machine is easy to master, as long as the experienced equipment maintenance personnel can use the detection technology to find and eliminate the fault of NC machine. The most significant feature of this method is that it can quickly determine the fault location of the numerical control encircling machine, which is simple and applicable.
By strengthening the anti-interference measures of the power supply system of the NC machine, its stability can be improved. Anti interference measures are taken for the interference sources of AC power supply network, such as voltage stabilization, filtering or isolation to improve the stability of the power supply of the peripherals. Low pass filter is added to filter out the unfavorable signal in the power line, so as to improve the operation stability of the numerical control encircling machine.