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The skill of LED for luminous words

Source:Shandong Ye Lin Release time:2020/12/24 13:50:03

White LED as a semiconductor light source, compared with the traditional lighting source, its power consumption is only about 20% of the latter. The service life is as long as 100000 hours, which is dozens of times of the ordinary lamp tube. It has good reliability and low protection cost. Besides the LCD backlight of portable machine, it can also be used for outdoor lighting, remote mountain lighting, miner's lamp and water environment lighting. The switching time is short, and the echo time Zui is low, which can reach 1 microsecond, and the lamp is usually several milliseconds (the echo time of the current light source is 200 ms). Environmental protection, no mercury and other harmful waste, consolidation is not easy to break, reduce waste pollution to the environment. LED lamp does not contain infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, and DC drive, no stroboscopic, is an environmental protection light source to protect eyesight. With the wide use of LED and the promotion of its function, a new lighting innovation is coming, which has become the consensus of all. What will this waiting innovation bring to you: This is the most concerned question in developing LED application products and guiding shopping malls to carry out.

1、 LED light source is not the same as the standard font and lighting requirements are not the same;
2、 It is very inconvenient to repair the LED light emitting words after the device is completed. In order to reduce the repair cost, the light source is required to have a long life;
3、 LED light-emitting words should have LED light-emitting modules that meet the above requirements of the engineering department, and have the above functions. There are two kinds of LED light sources for stereoscopic light-emitting words provided by Biya: piranha and small straw hat. The light-emitting module of piranha is suitable for the light-emitting words with the height of character wall between 8-10cm.