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The main features of the word machine industry

Source:Shandong Ye Lin Release time:2020/12/24 13:55:43
The main features of the machine are as follows
1. Equipped with 25 HP Kohler double cylinder gasoline engine, the power can speed up the construction speed and efficiency, and avoid uneven slotting or breaking;
2. Equipped with Kohler patented technology dual purifier and three-stage air filtering device, the filtration system adopts double-layer filtering device and rotary vane filter to increase air cleanliness, prevent engine from inhaling dust, reduce engine wear and effectively prolong engine life;
3. 25HP Kohler engine with OHV (fixed intake valve) provides stable power and reduces vibration.
4. Emergency brake switch of quick stop system can effectively protect operators. Press the stop switch gently, the engine will shut down and the tool will stop in 4 seconds.
5. 60W lamp, which can be used for safe construction in dark weather;
6. Imported brand advanced maintenance free battery, longer life, self charging during work, more worry free, more durable, faster;
7. The electric push rod is used to adjust the lifting of slotting tool; the slotting depth indicator enables the construction personnel to control the slotting depth according to the needs, and the 12V DC button control switch is used to adjust the slotting depth.
8. The crack positioning and tracking indicator needle ensures the accuracy of cutting, and enables the slotting machine to accurately track and slot along the crack, so as to avoid operation errors;
9. Length of splash chain: 140mm, width of splash chain: 330mm, size of dust guard: 320 × 260mm, which can effectively prevent gravel splash caused by slotting operation and ensure construction safety;