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Edge flow of numerical control encircling mechanism

Source:Shandong Ye Lin Release time:2020/12/24 13:43:28
The communication and operation interface between human and machine must be simple and easy to learn, easy to import characters, and the font does not need to change the node. In addition, it must meet the following precision control points to be qualified CNC operation software.
1. The accuracy of arc bender is controlled at 0.01 degree. Verification method: you can set it to 0.01 in the manual window and click it in the hand. At this time, you are checking whether the moving distance in the processing information is 0.01.
2. Uneven color, color difference is obvious: mainly in the pure white LED production of large luminous characters. In the assembly process, the performance of a single module is not obvious. After the whole font is assembled completely, the color difference is obvious. The whole font is like a map, one piece of white, one piece of blue, one piece of yellow.
3. Part of the font stroke, the whole suddenly does not light up, or when the light does not light up

4. The output power of the font is large and the energy saving is not obvious.

The edge process of numerical control word encircling mechanism: put the type on the glass, surround the type with glass curtain wall decorative tape, stick the selected aluminum edge with 0.5-1cm double-sided tape along one end of the edge on the protective film (to prevent the resin from drilling into the edge), use the aluminum edge along the edge to the corner, mark it with a thin watercolor pen or art knife, and use the edge folding machine to accurately mark the edge Angle folding, and then make appropriate adjustment according to the font type. In case of radian, roll the circle with appropriate size by using a rounder, and then make appropriate adjustment according to the font type. The more consistent the angle and radian with the font type, the more accurate the character will be. If the angle and radian do not match the font type, the word deformation will not be accurate due to the elasticity of aluminum sheet, so that the edge can be folded once or twice Roll a circle should be consistent with the font, and then proceed to the next step. After the word edge is folded, fix the edge strip with thermosol and decorative tape of glass curtain wall.